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A fruit tree is made of a stock and a crown which has 5 or 6 branches.

Dwarf trees are reduced in size thanks to the selection of a weak rootstock. The stock is 50 cm high. Fully grown the tree will reach a height of 2.5/4 meters. Dwarf trees can be shaped into pyramidal or beaker forms. Planting distances : 4 m from foot to foot.

Half-standard trees have a 1.5 m high stock topped by the crown. Fully grown the tree can reach a height of 5 to 6 meters. Planting distances : 6 m. from foot to foot.

Standard trees are not different from half-standard ones, except for the grafting height : 2.3 m. These trees are ideal for meadows so that cattle cannot reach the crown. Fully grown the tree will be 8 to 10 meters high. Planting distances : 10 to 12 meters from foot to foot.

Note : half – and standard trees usually bear two grafts : a shield-graft at the base with a vigorous vegetation variety forming a straight stock and a wedge-shaped notch with the species to propagate.


Fruiting : dwarf trees bear fruit very rapidly, two or three years after transplanting. However, you may pick some fruit in the first year.

It takes three to five years of cultivation for a half-standard tree and five to seven years for a standard one to bear fruit.

Fruit grown on standard trees usually have a smaller grade – as opposed to dwarf trees – but this fruit keeps longer.

Free-standing fruit trees can be grown in various forms :

dwarf trees, half –standard and standard trees.

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