Espalier fruit trees (eft)

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The standards forms are : HORIZONTAL or VERTICAL.

Advantages of fence trees :

Discovering the tasty savours of the past, making an old dull wall more attractive, smartly partitioning a garden,... These are just a few advantages of EFT. Beyond these pleasures of taste and sight you will enjoy watching the flowering and the growth of the fruit. Simple and enriching pleasures which children will not miss.

Fence trees can turn any wall into a vertical garden or form a luxuriant green fences : a special “cachet” for small and large gardens.

When trees are planted against a wall they are called wall espaliers. Walls are able to refract heat. Trees can also be trained horizontally along wires.

A well-trained tree is well balanced with nicely ventilated crown branches which are exposed to sunshine. This blows away leaf moisture so that risks of cryptogamic diseases such as tavelure and oïdium are reduced. Ideal conditions for abundant and healthy crops.

Moreover the perfect balance of the tree gives a specific vegetative cachet in the winter, which reminds of many ancient gardens.

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