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« My Lord, it takes so long to grow a tree »

From the day the plant strikes root till the day it leaves our nursery to the connoisseur’s joy, many seasons have passed with the freaks of nature, exhaustion, and long patience this project involves.

For instance it takes at least 5 years of work to get a two tier espalier tree : This period is made up of essential stages : cuttings, preparation of the young plants, planting, hoeing, grafting, branch selection, lathing; branch training and pruning.

The 40 to’ s and fro’ s of our friend “Gamin” should not be forgotten : is the horse not said to be man’s best friend?

When it comes to branch training counting is easy : one year to obtain the rootstock, two years for a successful graft and one year per tier. This makes at least 4 years for the famous VERRIER palm tree composed of 2 U’s inserted into each other.

But the sight of the straight lined nursery with its luxurious trees and beautifully trained branches – a promise of savoury crops to come – dispel all the great sacrifices made by the project initiators.

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